Instant ProfitStores Review and The Feature Breakdown

In this Instant ProfitStores review, we are here to break you down the feature and the benefit of Victory Akpomedaye’s cloud-based software. Before you buy a product online, it’s always needed to understand about the core benefit plus core value of the tool so that you have the right and genius investments.

Features 01: Social Media + SMTP Integration

This is a great feature that you can try to earn some free traffic to your store. As you know, when we run any affiliate promotion, we should have a fanpage where we share the article, the product we are promoting. But you should not do the work manually as it costs you time, so, you can setup the automatic syndication on Facebook & Twitter so that whenever you post new products into stores, you have link posted on your Fanpage & Profile, what a nice feature.

At the footer of this store, we have the subscribe to newsletter form that allows people to sign up with their email. As a result, you have the email leads. So, the SMTP feature helps you send email notification, newsletter to these leads with your desired content.

Features 02: Free Store Hosting + Custom Domain License

This is a big value from the product creator with zero extra cost for you, why don’t you benefit from it. And it’s simple, just buy a domain name (should be on big registra like Name dot com, Namecheap and Godaddy) while you still use their name server, just edit an A Record and a CNAME record, then wait around 30 minutes for domain propagation and you can verify with your own custom domain. Remember, the price for similar app is Fresh Store Instant is up to $499, this one is a huge money saver.

Features 03: Find and Import Products

With other apps like CompareShop, ShopMozo, you must have API key to work with this feature. But, with Victor’s product, you are not required to do so. Just need to find product based on the keyword, the category, the ecom site and then you import it. All the content, the images are imported directly for you, you just need to manually login into your Amazon Associate Account (no matter where the site and tag is) and then generate your own unique affiliate link to paste into this store builder.

After posting this brief introduction about the software, i hope that you have already understand about it. And to proceed further information, please jump into the below resources:

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