ShopzPresso Review and The Feature Breakdown

In this Shopzpresso review, we are here to break you down the core features and the core value of the tool before you buy it. As you know, before you invest in something, you need to understand about its features at first, which is broken down and posted in this quality article about Mosh Bari’s product.

Features 01: Enable Social Login

As you know, most Ecommerce plattforms allow visitor, customer to login with Facebook and social account, this is the stuff that we also have with the product from Mosh Bari. Thanks to this high value feature, now, you can allow customers to sign up an account with your store without the need to provide any email (you can use to avoid bad + dummy + fake emails because all the social login are verified emails)

Features 02: SMTP Integration + Email Template

When customer makes an order, they should receive notification, this is what you can do thanks to SMTP provider. I suggest using big services online or you can still use from your WordPress hosting credential of email smtp. As a result, when you have new product and you want to make a promo, or, you set nofication to people through emails after successful order.

Features 03: Tons of Payment Connection

This is an important feature that allows you to collect payment. It can be from Paypal or can be through credit card. Thanks the a bunch of payment app like Stripe, Paypal, Instamojo, Paystack, you have freedom to register an service you like, just, an existence of API key is enough here.

After posting this brief introduction about this Shopzpresso review, i hope that you have understand about it. And to proceed further information, please jump into the below resources:

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