OrangeBuilder Review and The Feature Breakdown

Before you buy a product on the internet, it’s highly needed for you to understand about the product and its upsell funnel. So, we publish this OrangeBuilder review as a way to break you down the core features and core value when you buy the app on Warrior Plus from Daniel Adetunji.

Features 01: Free Hosting + Custom Domain Connection

With just one time price, you don’t just have access to the web builder, you also gain access to the free hosting from the product creator. At here, you have the option either to use their subdomain or you can integrate your custom domain. In most case, i see most people prefer using the custom domain and they integrate with providers such as Name (dot) com, Namecheap or Goddaddy.

Features 02: Freedom to Insert Code + SEO Options

These code can be used to track with pixel in case you run ads on Facebook and Google PPC. Not just that, you can also install some script from third party providers like popup service, exit intent service, etc. Besides, you can also submit your site to search console in order to request index for SEO purpose plus to track Google Analytics to see what you need to do to reduce bounce rates.

And each of the page are SEO Optimized because you can enter meta tag, meta titles and meta description. Oh, don’t forget that we also have the fast loading, which is an important SEO ranking factor.g

Features 03: Drag & Drop Page Builder

This is a grid-based page builder, which helps us build a mobile optimized web page. As you know, when people browse our site on the net, they usually use mobile instead of desktop and with mobile friendly web page, you will increase the user’s experience.

Features 04: Tons of Templates

They are pre-made website building templates that you can clone immediately in order to make your own web campaign. And they are templates to be used in various niches and various industries. With that being said, you can use these templates for your client project and charge them fee for the website building services to them.

In my opinion, using template is always better than designing something from scratch. And i see the the design, the layout format of each templates are in 8 to the scale of 10.

After posting this Orange Builder review, we hope that you have understand about it. And to proceed further information about the tool, please jump into the below resources:

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