LifeHost Review and The Feature Breakdown

Before you buy a product, a software on the internet, you should understand its features and its core value at first. So, this Lifehost review will help you understand and the break you down the value when you buy this $14 in price hosting app.

Features 01: Create and Host Custom Domain/Subdomain

This is the core value of the tool and is what you are paying for when you buy the hosting service. And of course, it can host any domain that you own, you buy and you have the ownership. However, i only suggest using big services such as Namecheap, or Goddady because this can guarantee to bring you the SSL certificate as well to improve your domain security.

Features 02: WordPress Installer/Roundcube

As you know, WordPress is the easiest and so friendly for us to build a full website. And of course, that’s where you can install the WordPress directly into their directory. For sure, whenever you install wordpress here, you will gain access to the latest version of WordPress (dot) org

And Roundcube is also important here. As you know, we need to make a professional email to contact people. That’s why you need domain email instead of gmail or yahoo or outlook. So, with Roundcube login, you can send message to people using that domain email or get email from people from the same email.

Features 03: Built-in File Manager

File manager is what you also need when talking about this tool. If you use theme, you may not need file manager but in case you just use index.html file to make home page, you can upload into this server. For heavy weight theme and plugin, you can also upload here instead of using the traditional plugin upload, which will slow down your site performance.

After posting this brief introduction about the app Lifehost, i hope that you have understand about it. And to proceed further information, please jump into the below resources:

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