Buildzy Review and The Feature Breakdown

Before you buy a product on the internet, it’s highly needed for you to understand about the benefits and the full features. So, we publish this Buildzy review article to break you down the benefits when using this professional WordPress plugin.

Features 01: Post Translation-Post Spinning Option

This is to prevent you from publishing the duplicated content, which risks to your traffic and make Google penalties your site. For translation, you may need api key from Google Cloud because with the low one time price, the product creator doesn’t want to put their budget at risk to consume your usage resource. In most case, i see people skip this option because content being translated from Google are not too realistic and not getting audiences to read.

You must buy a subscription with Spin Rewriter in order to spin content, which costs you around $77/year or $197 when discount is available. And i suggest all buyers from Buildzy will invest that amount to use Spin Rewriter as we hate duplicated content.

Features 02: Fetch Content from NewsApi

This is the biggest viral news resources we are looking for. Everyday, we have thousands of ready to published article and its combination with Spin Rewriter can easily bring you tons of free traffic and get your site indexed almost instantly from Google (i have seen some of my site ranked overtime) thanks to that technique.

And please, choose the proper traffic, the proper keyword and the proper location, plus, you need to select the proper category.

Features 03: Keyword Replacer

This allows you to insert links into a word based on your preferred keywords. You just need to select post, to me, i use Ctrl with down key to select all of them and i recommend you to do as i am doing to day, this can save us time but can help you get some little traffic, links and promotion.

Features 04: Custom Video Player

You don’t rely on the Youtube player. Instead, you will use the player as made from the product creator. You can setup the custom width, custom height into your Youtube video and all the video will apply the same thing.

Features 05: Add Banner

This is a feature for those who wants to advertise something.

After posting this real content about the app, we hope that you have understand about it. And for sure, it’s a great tool that you can try and use. To proceed further information, jump into the below resources:

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